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Every company is different. That's why we've designed a unique system to weigh over 18,000,000 data points across 382 major U.S. metro areas to find the right city matches for your project. We update our data continuously so that you can trust the accuracy and relevance of the results.  



Here is how we score cities for your project.

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Industry Cluster

We consider the density of potential customers, suppliers as well as support services including relevant research organizations.



We look at the availability and quality of a city's workforce specific to your industry and project type.

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Public Partnerships

We measure the professionalism and budgetary means of a community’s economic development organization.

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Labor Costs

We assess all costs related to hiring and employing the talent you need for your project.

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Facility Costs

For each city, we look at the costs per sq. ft. for retail, office space, industrial space, or a combination thereof.



Taxes can be complicated but worry not. We measure the tax burden for your project across all U.S. cities.



Broadband, electricity, natural gas, or water? If it's important to you, we'll measure where it's least expensive for your project.

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Business Climate

From the complexity of the tax system to the ease of obtaining permits and traffic congestion, we assess how a city's business climate will affect your bottom-line.



Whether you move or receive products by air, sea, land, pipeline, or wires, we'll tell you from where you'll do it most effectively.

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A city can be an asset in attracting and retaining top talent. We look at what cities have to offer in terms of culture, recreation, and other factors.



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Companies and cities do better together. 

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