At Kitaro, we believe that economic development organizations are ideally positioned to connect the needs of growing companies with a community's assets.  In that spirit, Kitaro aims to facilitate the constructive collaboration between companies and EDOs.  We hope that our principles will speak to you and that you will join us in making our economies more prosperous.


Site selection, evolved

Too often companies fail to consider all of their location options.  At Kitaro, we want to give companies access to professional and accurate site selection data.  Our objective is to assist more companies in finding the best community for their project in a fast and unbiased manner.  We believe that a successful project starts with a direct conversation between a company and an EDO.


The right projects improve a community's prosperity

We know that some projects can change the economic landscape of an entire community.  But only an EDO can determine how a particular project increases the competitiveness of its community.  Kitaro is the source to explore and discover the right projects for your community. 



Clarity on the true value of economic development

Let's inform those who view economic development as nothing but corporate welfare.  We know that when economic development is done successfully, both companies and communities prosper on the basis of mutually beneficial partnerships.  And the best EDOs know how to structure partnerships that lead to prosperity for all.  At Kitaro, we want to encourage and celebrate these partnerships.


A better source for corporate projects

Without efficient ways to uncover corporate projects, EDOs are left with unreliable and often times speculative business development tactics.  With Kitaro, an EDO can grow its project pipeline systematically by project characteristics.  We want EDOs to spend more time on making their communities more competitive and less time on chasing projects.



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