KITARO streamlines the site selection process

Picking the right location for your business is a critical decision for your long-term success.  With our system, you are able to create a data-driven shortlist in minutes, receive proposals from interested communities, and gain control of the site selection process.  We have combined decades of experience to help you find the right the community and prosper within it.  



Create a shortlist

Every project is different.  It's not just the type of project and industry that determines the suitability of a location, but also a variety of factors unique to each community—from its business climate to the quality of life. Our algorithm lets you adjust the relative weights across eight relevant factors to reflect your unique project parameters. 

Our database consists of over 2,000,000 data points selected from over 55 publically-available sources, including the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau and the Tax Foundation, among others.  We update our data continuously so that you can trust in the accuracy and relevance of the results.  




complete an rfp

We know data alone doesn't give you the full picture of a community.  In fact, we view community support as a critical advantage for any project.  Thankfully, each major location is represented by an economic development organization (EDO) tasked with assisting companies in selecting and growing their respective communities.  

Once you have selected your shortlist of locations, download our Request for Proposal (RFP) template and describe your project in as much (or as little) detail as you are willing to disclose.  Kitaro allows you to create a professional RFP that includes all information you and the EDO will need to start a constructive partnership from day one.  Once completed, upload the RFP to our system so that we can forward it to the right EDO professionals from your shortlist.  Rest assured, we never disclose your identity or the name of your company.




receive proposals

EDOs will review your RFP and decide how they are able to assist your project. If your project piques an EDO's interest, you can expect to receive a proposal that lists any number of incentive programs.  From experience, we know that quality proposals take time.  Please allow EDOs up to two weeks to structure a customized proposal; it's worth it.

We kindly ask that you respect the time and effort it takes to structure a proposal.  Please review all proposals with care and attention. 




communicate anonymously

At this point, you already have a shortlist of locations and received customized proposals in just a few weeks; a process that used to take months.  This is only the first phase of the site selection process.  Kitaro enables you to continue to communicate with the shortlisted EDOs as long as you deem necessary.

Our masked email communication system hides your email address so that you can easily and anonymously continue the conversation right from your usual email client.