A new way to connect businesses with cities.

Founded in 2016 and based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Kitaro is the first online platform that enables companies to find and partner with the right geographic locations for their expansion projects.

Whether it’s for a second storefront, a high-tech manufacturing plant, or a new office space, Kitaro connects businesses with the right communities based on a proven site selection algorithm.  And with an innovative business model, Kitaro empowers communities to find new project opportunities and to develop their unique sense of place.

At Kitaro, we believe that a growing economy starts with the right business partnering with the right community.  Our objective is sustainable job growth that is consistent with a community’s vision for itself.  We focus on facilitating successful company projects and consider communities as integral partners in the site selection process.

Kitaro — it’s a new way to connect businesses with communities; it’s actionable insight that leads to shared prosperity.

We invite you to start connecting.